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Coin Reference Library
Gold Commemoratives

Coin Picture

1926 $2 1/2 Sesquicentennial

Mintage: 46,019
Designer: J.R. Sinnock

This souvenir gold commemorative was struck for the 1926 Sesqui Centennial Exposition held in Philadelphia to commemorate the 150th anniversary of American independence. The obverse shows Miss Liberty standing, wearing a gown, with a large torch in her right hand and with drapery over her left shoulder and right forearm. A close-fitting cloth cap is on her head. In her left hand is a scroll said to represent the Declaration of Independence but not of the correct proportions of this famous document. The reverse shows Independence Hall in Philadelphia. There is a feature in the field that appears somewhat like a fingerprint but which represents rays of the sun; this characteristic is not distinct on all pieces. Nearly all 1926 Sesqui quarter eagles in existence today show evidence of handling and contact from careless production at the Mint and from later indifference by the public who bought them. This was the second and final U.S. 20th Century commemorative gold coin of this denomination.

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