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Coin & Numismatic Prices

Spot Bullion Prices / Numismatic Populations
PCGS / NumisMedia
PCGS Price Guide

Gold Coins
Gold Type Coins
Gold Type Coins - Proofs
Gold Dollars
Early $2.50
Liberty Head $2.50
Indian Head $2.50
Three and Four Dollars
Early $5
Liberty Head $5
Indian $5
Early $10
Liberty Head $10
Indian $10
Liberty Head $20
Saint Gaudens $20

Copper & Nickel
Copper Type Coins
Nickel Type Coins
Half Cents
Large Cents
Flying Eagle & Indian Cents
Lincoln Cents
Two and Three Cents
Shield and Liberty Nickels
Buffalo Nickels
Jefferson Nickels

Modern Coins
Lincoln Cents
Jefferson Nickels
Roosevelt Dimes
Washington Quarters
Kennedy Half Dollars
Eisenhower Dollars
SBA and Sacagewea Dollars
Silver Eagles
Gold Eagles
Platinum Eagles

Silver Coins
Silver Type Coins
Silver Type Coins - Proofs
Three Cent Silvers
Early Half Dimes
Seated Half Dimes
Early Dimes
Seated Dimes
Barber Dimes
Mercury Dimes
Roosevelt Dimes
Early Quarters
Twenty Cents & Seated Quarters
Barber Quarters
Standing Liberty Quarters
Washington Quarters
Early Halves
Liberty Seated Half Dollars
Barber Half Dollars
Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars
Early Dollars
Seated and Trade Dollars
Morgan Dollars
Peace Dollars

Silver Commemoratives
Gold Commemoratives
Modern Commemoratives

$1 Gold
Proof $1 Gold
$2 Gold
Proof $2 Gold
$2 Gold Indian
$3 Gold
Proof $3 Gold
$4 Gold Stella
$5 Gold
Proof $5 Gold
$5 Gold Indian
$10 Gold
Proof $10 Gold
$10 Gold Indian
$20 Gold
Proof $20 Gold
$20 St. Gaudens
Early Dollar
Liberty Seated Dollar
Trade Dollar
Morgan Dollar
Proof Morgan Dollar
Proof Like Morgan Dollar
DMPL Morgan Dollar
Peace Dollar
Eisenhower Dollar
Susan B. Anthony Dollar
Early Half Dollar
Bust Half Dollar
Liberty Seated Half Dollar
Proof Liberty Seated Half Dollar
Barber Half Dollar
Proof Barber Half Dollar
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Proof Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Franklin Half Dollar
Proof Franklin Half Dollar
Full Bell Lines Franklin Half Dollar
Kennedy Half Dollar
Bust Quarter
Liberty Seated Quarter
Proof Liberty Seated Quarter
Barber Quarter
Proof Barber Quarter
Standing Liberty Quarter
Full Head Standing Liberty Quarter
Washington Quarter
Proof Washington Quarter

  Bust Dime
Liberty Seated Dime
Proof Liberty Seated Dime
Barber Dime
Proof Barber Dime
Mercury Dime
Proof Mercury Dime
Full Band Mercury Dime
Roosevelt Dime
Proof Roosevelt Dime
Shield Nickel
Proof Shield Nickel
Liberty Nickel
Proof Liberty Nickel
Buffalo Nickel
Proof Buffalo Nickel
Jefferson Nickel
Proof Jefferson Nickel
Large Cent
Flying Eagle Cent
Indian Cent
Proof Indian Cent
Lincoln Cent
Modern Lincoln Cent
Proof Lincoln Cent
Silver Commemorative
Gold Commemorative
Half Cent
Two Cent
Proof Two Cent
Three Cent - Silver
Proof Three Cent - Silver
Three Cent - Nickel
Proof Three Cent - Nickel
Half Dime
Twenty Cent
Proof & Mint Sets